Origine Cyclist house



The Origine community meetings. The Origine Cycling Club rides are not official events, but local cycling gatherings. It is free and open to all: Originers or not Originers.



The Origine Cycling Club concept is not an official organization, but local meetings between cyclists. We invite you to respect the usage recommendations:

1. The road is a space to be shared, which implies mutual respect on the part of those who travel there. The cyclist, like the motorist, must apply the rules of the highway code which guarantee his safety and that of other users.

2. To ride safely, the cyclist must have a bicycle in good condition and be well equipped. (Helmet)

3. Each cyclist must know and apply the elementary rules of movement, in town and outside built-up areas.

4. Each participant must be able to circulate with his bicycle, knowing how to control his speed and his trajectory in all circumstances. He must have a technical level of practice allowing him not to be a danger either for himself or for third parties.

5. Each participant must be over 18 years of age. Any minor child must necessarily be accompanied by an adult who will remain responsible for it.

6. Each participant is placed under his own responsibility and must be the holder of individual civil liability insurance.

7. Each participant must also take out civil insurance in the event of an accident without a third party responsible. (Life accident guarantee contract)

8. In no way can the Route Captain guarantee the individual safety of each participant.

9. In the event of an accident, neither ORIGINE CYCLES nor that of the Route Captain can be engaged.

Tips for every cyclist:
• Wearing a helmet and gloves,
• Make sure you have the technical level required to participate,
• Make sure you are in a suitable state of health (consult your doctor),
• Know how to listen to your body and not push it beyond its limits,
• Check your equipment,
• Do not leave on an empty stomach and take something to drink and snack on,
• Be careful when riding,
• You are not alone, avoid taking risks
• If you ride in a group, ride two abreast when circulatory flow allows or in single file.

Looking forward to riding together!