How to prepare your first 100-mile bike ride?

Cycling 100 miles in one ride is a milestone for many experienced cyclists. It’s a challenge that is remembered for a long time, whether it’s part of a cyclosportive or a personal challenge. How to prepare for a 100-mile ride? Discover our tips.

What equipment for a first 100-mile bike ride?

A road bike in good condition. This involves checking for wear and adjusting tire pressure. Check the cleanliness, wear, lubrication, and proper adjustment of your drivetrain. Once these basic checks are done, consider carrying a minimum repair kit. This includes a spare inner tube, a few patches if needed, tire levers, a hand pump or CO2 cartridge, and a multi-tool. This kit helps prevent major issues, such as punctures, derailleur adjustment, or loose components.

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What to eat on a long bike ride?

In addition to your repair kit, you should bring enough water and food. Refueling is just as important as training to make this 100-mile challenge enjoyable rather than a struggle. Be generous with the quantity of food you bring along.

Therefore, it is recommended to pack cereal bars and dried fruits. While gels are suitable for competition, they can cause acidity over long distances. Plan to fuel yourself regularly. We recommend eating at least every hour.

Don’t forget to bring money with you. Whether it’s for a quick stop at a café or to buy drinks and food at a bakery, bring a debit card and cash to supplement your refueling throughout the kilometers.

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What training before riding 100 miles on a bike?

How many kilometers do you need to have done to finish a 100-mile ride? Some cyclists apply the x2 rule. If you regularly ride 50 miles or 60 miles on a bike, then you can do 100 miles. We also recommend doing some longer rides. Quite logically, the closer your longest ride is to 100 miles, the easier it will be to tackle. A ride of 70 miles would be a way to reassure yourself before embarking on such a distance.

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What mindset do you need for a 100-mile ride?

Beyond all the preparation, long-distance cycling is a mindset. You have to start with the idea that the entire day will be spent on the bike. The pace must therefore be adapted to last 8 to 10 hours. Don’t hesitate to ride 2 or 3 km/h slower than usual. Forget any desire to tackle climbs with force or to accelerate after every turn. When you want to ride for a long time, you have to ride economically.

Lastly, remember to enjoy the scenery. If you’re riding in a group, share a good time with friends. It will make the time pass faster, and the kilometers will fly by. In short, enjoy yourself.

What bike to choose for long rides?


For long rides, we recommend riding a bike that combines comfort and performance. In this regard, the range of road bikes from Origine excels. The lightweight rim-brake road bikes, high-performance road bikes, and endurance bikes from the French brand cater to all cycling practices. Whatever your cycling style, you’ll find a bike that suits you. With the configurator, you can customize your setup to achieve an almost bespoke position for optimal comfort during 200 km bike rides.

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